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***New closing date for applications: 12th November 2021***

Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) offer Seed Grants to communities wishing to creatively process or memorialise loss.

IHF offer up to 26 Seed Grants to support communities and individuals across the country with self-directed creative explorations of dying, death, grief, bereavement, and loss.  Grants are a maximum of €1,000 each.


IHF Seed Grant Programme 2021-2022

Supported by the Creative Ireland programme, IHF sets out to inspire and support the work of groups, organisations, and individuals who wish to mark in some tangible way their response to the universal realities of dying, death, and bereavement, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seed Grants support groups, organisations, and individuals exploring creative ways to do this.  They might use the grant to help start new local art projects, or support existing projects to gain momentum - this may involve artists, crafts people, or digital coders.  Alternatively, it may be a group or an individual who has a good idea.  Priority will be given to creative initiatives that take innovative approaches to reflection and remembrance.

During the pandemic, and with the support of the Creative Ireland Programme, IHF began an Arts and Creative Engagement initiative.  With all  citizens affected by loss, normal patterns of grieving disrupted and care staff fraught, the programme offered a way for people to make meaning in a difficult time. Watch a short film of projects supported previously here.


Application Process  

Full details and a digital application form can be found on the IHF website.  Alternatively, you can download and print an application form via the IHF web site and post it to: Elizabeth Hutcheson, Irish Hospice Foundation, 32 Nassau Street, Dublin 2.

Key Dates  

  • Friday November 12th 5pm:  New extended closing date for all applications. 
  • November 23rd Successful applicants announcedAll applicants will be notified this week.
  • Developed to April 30th 2022:  Successful projects must be complete by this date.


About Irish Hospice Foundation

IHF are the national agency focused on death, dying, grief, and loss. They work with a vision of Ireland where “every death matters” delivering education, training, and awareness programmes alongside systemic and social change strategies and policy campaigns. Their ambition is to reduce the impact of carelessness where it leads to suffering.

Over 35 years IHF has become embedded across the delivery of care in Ireland. IHF works with multiple HSE Departments, the NGO sector, and community sector. IHF’s many programmes include Hospice Friendly Hospitals with Ireland’s acute hospital service, Compassionate End of Life with the residential care sector, Nurses for Night-Care delivering care in the community directly to families, and the Bereavement Network aligning the voluntary sectors support.



IHF Arts and Cultural Engagement team:

Dominic Campbell:     Dominic.Campbell@hospicefoundation.ie

Elizabeth Hutcheson: Elizabeth.Hutcheson@hospicefoundation.ie

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