Development Perspectives: Survey on mapping Development Education in Irish Adult and Community Education

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Mapping Development Education (DE) in the Irish Adult and Community Education (ACE) sector

I work as Research Officer for Development Perspectives (DP) an Irish Aid funded NGO charged with, among other things, providing and promoting Development Education (DE) in the Irish Adult and Community Education (ACE) sector. You may already be familiar with DP & Development Education and the broad range or issues that this encompasses, including: social justice and equality issues; matters relating to migrant rights and new communities; poverty and North-South inequality; issues dealing with the climate crisis, sustainable communities, sustainable living and so forth.

Currently we are attempting to ‘map’ out Development Education and Training activity across Ireland – who’s doing what, type of DE activity and so forth. 

As such, we would very much appreciate it if you could take the time to complete a short online survey about your activity in this area, if any. In addition, please feel free to redistribute this to other groups or projects in your network  that may wish to take part in the survey, thank you.

This in turn will help in identifying gaps in Development Education in the Adult Education sector as well as opportunities for funding, resource allocation, etc. The survey can be found here:


Finally, should you require any further information about Development Perspectives, or the research, please contact me at the address below.

Your help with this is greatly appreciated.

Mark Kearns | Research Officer

Development Perspectives

e: mark@developmentperspectives.ie




Further information:

The accompanying PDF booklet contains more information about the survey as well as providing further definitions and descriptions of Development Education.

This can also be accessed in flipbook form here:


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