CLÁR funding for C&V groups – meals on wheels, mobility and cancer care transport

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CLÁR funding for C&V groups – meals on wheels, mobility and cancer care transport


We wish to draw your attention to the CLÁR 2020 funding scheme made available by the Department. Part of the scheme may be of interest to some community and voluntary groups in your area.

CLÁR provides funding for small scale infrastructural projects in rural areas that have suffered significant levels of population decline. The supports provided through CLÁR have been tailored this year to help rural communities to respond to the new COVID-19 environment.

Measure 3 of the programme will be of particular interest to groups providing meals on wheels services, mobility services and cancer care transport:

  • Community organisations providing meals on wheels and other community services will be supported to purchase kitchen or food delivery equipment. They can also access funds for any adaptations that may be necessary to their existing vehicles as a result of new public health guidelines. This measure will assist these organisations that provide vital services which support people to live in their own homes while also playing a role in combating rural isolation.


  • We will also separately continue to fund vehicles for those vital voluntary organisations that provide free transport for people with mobility issues and for those attending cancer treatments.


For further details and application forms, click here. Please note that eligibility for this Measure will be based on the ‘catchment area’ being served by the vehicles. Information on eligible catchment areas can be found here. A press release for the scheme can be found here.

Applications should be submitted directly to the Department at CLAR@DRCD.gov.ie by the 28th August 2020.

The Department may not be in a position to follow up regarding missing documentation or incomplete application forms. Incomplete application forms may not be considered.


Any queries should be sent to CLAR@DRCD.gov.ie.

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