Social Justice Ireland: Training and Facilitation Programme – Autumn / Winter 2019

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Training and Facilitation Programme

Our new Training and Facilitation Programme is now available! All training is available to PPN staff, Secretariat Members, PPN Representatives and Member Groups.

In addition, any aspect of this programme can be delivered at county level to a specific PPN or PPN member group. It can also be delivered on a thematic or a regional basis as requested. We are committed to offering training which is useful and relevant, and so will work with you to customise our programmes to the needs of the target group in each area.

More information is available by contacting Colette Bennett or Eamon Murphy at Social Justice Ireland
Email: colette.bennett@socialjustice.ie or eamon.murphy@socialjustice.ie

Details of all training is available at this link: https://www.activelink.ie/content/community-exchange/training/45909


Delivering a literacy-friendly service

The session aims to:

  • Explain what literacy is, its causes, effects and the extent of literacy issues
  • Explore how you identify and respond in a sensitive way and deliver a literacy-friendly service
  • Identify practical strategies to communicate more clearly
  • Learn and apply some practical plain English guidelines in your work
  • Encourage discussion, participation, and brainstorming of other effective ways to communicate

Training will take place from 10am to 1pm, with tea/coffee served at 9.30am

Training is subject to numbers. Training is free but booking is essential.

Delivering a literacy-friendly service, Leitrim, 26th September

Delivering a literacy-friendly service, Athlone, 16th October

Delivering a literacy-friendly service, 22nd October, Louth

Delivering a literacy-friendly service, 05th November, Dublin

Delivering a literacy-friendly service, 12th November, Tipperary


Communications and Advocacy

Effective communication is essential to any advocacy campaign. Promoting your message across several media – print, radio, tv and online – at local and national level will get your message out there and draw the attention of policy makers and the public to what you are trying to achieve.

Training will take place from 2pm to 4pm
Training is subject to numbers. Training is free but booking is essential.

Communications and Advocacy, Leitrim, 26th September

Communications and Advocacy, Athlone, 16th October

Communications and Advocacy, Tipperary, 12th November


Facilitation Skills

As membership of PPNs grows, it is more important than ever that those involved have the key skills required to ensure that their membership feels heard and understood, that meetings add value to the functioning of the PPN and that consultations deliver a clear mandate for the PPN to work from.

To achieve this, those representing the PPNs or other organisations / colleges need to have good facilitation skills.

Training will take place from 2pm to 4pm.

Training is subject to numbers. Training is free but booking is essential.

Facilitation Skills, Louth, 22nd October

Facilitation Skills, Dublin, 05th November

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