Defibrillators – application process is open

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Application Process for Defibrillators

Application forms are available here: MPPN Defib Application Form 1

All completed applications, meeting the criteria outlined must be submitted to meathppn@meathcoco.ie by the closing date of Friday 20th Sept 2019


Who can apply?

Applicant groups will need to:

  • Be set up as a Cardiac First Responders group and registered with the National Ambulance Service
  • Be registered with the PPN
  • Provide the supporting documentation required
  • Have a suitable location for the device and all relevant permissions to attach the defibrillator
  • Have appropriate insurance
  • Have adequate resources to fund replacement of pads and servicing the equipment
  • Ensure that the Defibrillator is maintained
  • Be in a position to organise refresher training being provided for the Community First Responder members of the group.


Assessment Process

  • All completed applications meeting the criteria outlined must be submitted by the closing date.
  • All applications will be processed by an independent assessment group.
  • If you meet all the criteria and your group is offered a defibrillator an agreement will have to be signed with your group.
  • Refresher training will also be offered to all groups who are allocated a defibrillator.
  • In the event that the Cardiac First Responders group is dissolved, the defibrillator will be returned to the PPN to be re- allocated.
  • If the application process is undersubscribed, there will be a re-launch.


Other relevant information

  • Due to the significant cost of the External defibrillator the PPN is aiming to get a group that can demonstrate that they will take care of the defibrillator, maximise it’s use and have a plan to train others to use it.
  • The intention is that defibrillators will be allocated around the county and not in locations where there is one already within a radius of 5km.
  • It is important that your group submit the application as early as possible to ensure that all relevant documentation is included in the application as this will be reviewed on receipt by a member of the secretariat to ensure it has been completed.


The Secretariat reserves the right to add or amend criteria where necessary.



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