A vacancy has arisen on the Secretariat for the Municipal District of Trim.

The Secretariat is elected by the Public Participation Network (PPN) members, to be representative of the different geographical areas and the three college’s community/environmental/social inclusion.  It is an administrative body only, and its role is to:

  • Facilitate the implementation of the decisions of the Plenary (all PPN members)
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the PPN between Plenaries.
  • Coordinate activities of PPN.
  • Communicate extensively and regularly with all PPN members and in this process share information concerning all PPN activities as widely as possible.
  • Maintain accurate records of PPN Business (hard and soft copies), including minuting meetings and circulating agendas.
  • Act as a point of contact for the PPN in relation to the Local Authority, Department of Rural and Community Development and any other third parties.
  • Handle all correspondence on behalf of PPN, through distributing copies and drafting agreed responses.
  • Manage the work of the PPN Resource Worker

The Secretariat of the Meath PPN consists of 12 members, representing the three PPN Colleges – 2 reps from the Environment, Social Inclusion and Community/Voluntary College’s and one rep from each Municipal Districts.  The PPN are assisted in their role by the PPN Resource Worker.

Currently the Secretariat meets every 4 – 6 weeks.  Most of the meetings take place in the Council Offices in Navan and are evening meetings. Travel expenses are paid for attendance at PPN meetings in line with the Travel Expenses Policy.

The current vacancy involves promoting the PPN within the district of Trim which includes organising meetings twice a year for the Trim District and collating the issues raised by members at these meetings for inclusion on the referrals register for follow up.

If you or a member of your group is interested in the position, please complete the attached nomination form and return it to me by Friday 14th June 2019.

Trim MD Secretariat Nomination Form