How do I join?

Membership is open to all community, voluntary and environmental groups with an address in Co. Meath
(this excludes regional groups)

Please complete the registration form below and return with a copy of the minutes of the last AGM and a statement of the aims and objectives or Constitution for the group.

PPN Membership Registration PDF Form

PPN Membership Registration Word Form

PPN Membership Registration Form – IRISH VERSION

A map of Municipal Districts can be found at to help you determine the correct Municipal District to select on the form.

Notes to help you register correctly:

Check out the Members Section – Who can Join


Should you wish to deregister your group (eg if it ceases to exist), you can do so at any time by emailing the ppn at  and writing ‘please remove (name of Group)’ in the subject header.

In order to ensure that the email request is genuine, you will be contacted to confirm the deregistration request before we remove your details from the database.