The Meath PPN currently has vacancies on the following committee:


Local Community Development Committee:

Two nominations are sought with one from the Community College and one from the Social Inclusion College of the PPN.



LCDCs are groups established in each local authority area. LCDCs draw on the expertise and experience of public and private people and organisations in each local authority area.

A Local Community Development Committee is made up of:

  • members of the local authority
  • local authority staff
  • people from public bodies who provide funding to the area
  • people from the local community interests
  • people from the local community
  • people from publicly funded/supported local development groups


LCDCs are responsible for:

  • co-ordinating, planning and overseeing local and community development funding
  • bringing a more joined-up approach to the running of local and community development programmes and interventions
  • pursuing an integrated approach to local community based services across providers and delivery structures
  • promoting meaningful citizen and community engagement in the planning and evaluation of development programmes
  • pursuing a more cost-efficient administration of local and community development programmes and delivery structures
  • matching resources to priorities
  • ensuring better value for money in the management and delivery of programmes
  • focusing on learning and feedback, enhancing the links between services delivery and policy development
  • pursuing opportunities for additional funding for the area, whether exchequer, EU, private or other sources


Outline of the role of the PPN Representative on the LCDC

There are currently 5 seats for PPN representatives on the LCDC in Meath, out of a total membership of 19. There are two social inclusion college seats, two community college seats and one environmental college seat.

On election to the LCDC representatives will:

  • Attend monthly meetings (last Friday of the month from 10.30 to 1pm) of the LCDC/ Local Action Group (LAG) and actively participate in the discussion and decision making process.
  • Read all documentation in advance of the meeting
  • Have an understanding of the relevant policy issues from the PPN membership College and communicate these views on the LCDC.
  • Contribute to the overall work programme of the LCDC
  • Participate and contribute on a sub group of the LCDC as appropriate
  • Issue a report on each meeting for circulation by the PPN Resource Worker and communicating back to the relevant college.



  • All LCDC members are required to maintain proper standards of integrity, conduct and concern for the public interest in line with the Standing Orders of the LCDC
  • No more than one member of any PPN member group will be approved for membership of the LCDC


Membership of the LCDC will be reviewed every three years to ensure it is relevant to the work of the committee

  • Local Action Group (LAG) meeting takes place after the LCDC meeting. The LAG approves projects, monitor and oversee the LEADER Programme
  • Travel expenses to and from meetings are paid for attendance at LCDC or related meetings
  • A conflict of interest document needs to be signed by the representative.


Please note that there are separate nomination forms for each college

Nomination form for LCDC Community

Nomination form for LCDC Social Inclusion


Nomination forms must be completed and forwarded to or Catherina O’Rourke, Community Department, Meath County Council, Buvinda House, Dublin Road, Navan, County Meath, C15 Y291 to arrive no later than 5pm on Friday 14th June.